A Multi-Disciplinary  Professional 

Motto: Serving big customers makes you Big!

Who is Farideh?

I have a multi-disciplinary educational and professional background: math and physics, mechanical and industrial engineering, and PhD in information systems. My unique blend of experiences in academic and industrial areas has made me a person with an original point of view and gave me a broad perspective to life and a goal to aim. This enables me to bring industry and research together to provide organisations with effective solutions to their businesses.

During my career, I:

To conclude, given my background, where I started and where I am now demonstrated my ambitious and my  goal-driven character.

1.    Demonstrated being a fast learner and the possessing the know-how of “How to learn” by having education and degrees in different fields.
2.    Demonstrated learning adaptability and flexibility due to having work experience in different sectors (education, research and industry).
3.    Demonstrated Cross-functional decision making ability and thinking out of the box.
4.    Developed managerial and leadership skills at a young age and early stage of my career.
5.     Demonstrated being strategic and pragmatic.