2016 (Dec) Joined ASML as a Senior Supply Chain Engineer New Product Introduction EC&I while continuing my academic activities as a guest assistant professor at TU/e.

2016 The Proposal for an Erasmus Joint Master Program in Big Data Management and Analysis Accepted got accepted by European Commission (the first time ever for Computer Science Department at TU/e).

2016 EIT digital Master program in Data Science had a massive success only after 1 year with 70% growth and became the biggest program in the master school. 

2015 Married with the most handsome and the most awesome man in the universe.

2015 Became a board member of WISE (Women in Science) at TU/e.

2015 Moved to Eindhoven and started working as an assistant professor at Eindhoven University of Technology with the mission of chairing and coordinating EIT-Digital Data Science Master Program at the European level and Managing the program at TU/e as well as writing an Erasmus Joint Master Program proposal with collaboration of a European consortium.

2015 Graduated with a PhD degree from Delft University of Technology. 

2014 Worked as a business process developer/evaluator at the (European) Bridge project (TUDelft).

2012 Worked as a business process developer/evaluator at SlimVerbinden Project (TUDelft).

2012 Moved to the Netherlands and continued her PhD studies at Delft University of Technology.

2009 Moved to England -Loughborough University- and started my PhD studies in filed of information systems.

2008 Moved to Mashhad and started working as Vice-Managing Director for Planning at Sam Arian Machine.

2007 Started working as  System Engineering Expert at Mangan Industrial Group. 

2008 January Graduated with a Master Degree from Sharif University of Technology with the thesis: "Analysis of VMI system’s effect on bullwhip effect in supply chain".

2006 Worked as a research assistant in two projects in the area of quantifying skills and personnels' performance in Sharif University of Technology with industry application.

2005 Moved to Tehran -Sharif University of Technology- and and started my Master studies in field of Industrial Engineering.

2004 Started working as a Systematic & product expert- Project coordinator in PSIG group (Automobile- Mechanism). 

2004 Started working part time as en Engineer Manager at Sam Arian Machine company (start-up at that time)

2002 Started working as an R&D manager in GAK company. 

2002 Graduated in field of Mechanical Engineering  (Agricultural Machinery) in bachelor degree from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

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